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Campania Salinas Fountain
Campania Salinas Fountain
Campania Salinas Fountain
Campania Salinas Fountain


Campania Salinas Fountain

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  • Introduce the Salinas Fountain by Campania International to your outdoor space, adding an extravagant work of art to your landscape. Fountains bring about wonderful cascading sounds of water that will echo in a patio, courtyard, or garden by creating the natural sounds of nature. Bebel Fountain by Campania International offers a pleasant ambiance to your outdoor sanctuary.

    Fountains reduce stress, aid in relaxation, and drown out any excess noise pollution. Campania International offers a wide variety of cast stone concrete fountains that can be small and simple or large and extravagant depending on the size of your outdoor landscape. 

    Pump included

  • Color: Greystone
  • Product Code: FT-384
    Dimensions: 13.5 in x 20.5 in
    Weight: 99 lbs

    Made in the USA.

    Made of Cast Stone.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    See care instructions for outdoor use.

    Handmade and stained to order all sales are final.

    Sustainably made with environmentally friendly practices.

  • High Splash
  • Moderate Sound Level
  • Sound Type: Steady Stream
  • Campania Salinas Fountain
    Campania Salinas Fountain