Ferruccio Laviani


The classic icon of the bedside lamp is revisited by Kartell’s technology to become an industrial product in a variety of colour shades. The shape of Take is the result of the joining of two specular parts: two flat, rectangular sheets which, from being two-dimensional at the centre, take on the shape and volume of a “semi-lamp”. The internal pleating of the diffuser embellishes the object, creating, when lit, a play of reflections.

Material:  Transparent or batch dyed Polycarbonate

Dimensions: Height 12 1/5″ Width:  7 1/3″. Depth: 7 1/2″

Specs: Bulb:120V   Led E12, 1 x max 5W LED. 15,000 h..

Care: Disconnect the lamp from the mains supply and clean the light with a damp soft cloth soaked in soap or neutral liquid detergent, preferably diluted in water. Avoid the use of ethyl alcohol or detergents containing even small quantities of acetone trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).