Made in Sweden, Designed by Lina Rickardsson


Introducing VERA 2.0 Bio Edition – the world’s first plastic rug made of BIOVYN™, a bio-attributed carbon neutral PVC made from wood-based tall oil. The pattern is a tribute to our icon VERA that was launched in 2002. Still today VERA is our icon and bestseller, named as a design classic The rug is manufactured with the highest quality at Pappelina’ s own weaving mill in Sweden. Pappelina plastic rug VERA 2.0

Plastic rug for indoor and outdoor use, made in Sweden. Made of Swedish manufactured, certified phthalate free PVC ribbon, woven on traditional looms using wooden shuttles. Double folded hemmed edges with sewn-on rubber label. Very practical and easy-to-care-for, hand or machine wash at low temperature 30 degrees celcius / 85F, no spin.

A rug made from Pappelina is exclusively woven from the purest plastic ribbons made in Sweden.  Our plastic rugs contain no phthalates nor hazardous substance.  Pappelina guarantees this by using only Swedish plastic raw materialsourced from Gislaved Folie AB, a company that is certified according to the international standardizations ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The plastic Pappelina uses is approved for use in the food industry and to produce toys in both the EU and the US. PVC is a plastic that can be melted down and recycled.  But because it is not possible to guarantee that recycled plastic is completely non-toxic, as virgin material always is, Pappelina chooses to manufacture their rugs with new Swedish raw material.

Care for widths 60 cm, 70 cm and 85 cm.

  • Vacuum your rug regularly.
  • Hand or machine wash at cold temperature, Max 30 Degrees Celsius / 85F.
  • Do not spin
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not damage the welded edges. Do not fold edge as it may crack.
  • Evenly stretch edges when wet
  • When hung to dry, please use a wide bar or several lines.
  • Rise-off ketchup immediately, as it may stain. Do not rub!
  • Use an appropriate sized washing machine. Rule of thumb is max 70 x 250 cm rug for a 6 Kg washing machine

Care for wide width area rugs 140 cm and 180 cm

  • Do not machine wash due to its size.
  • Vacuum your rug regularly.
  • To remove stains use a damp soft cloth or sponge. Do not rub.
  • Clean the rug with a mop, hand wash in bathtub-large vessel. Alternatively use dry cleaning.
  • Evenly stretch edges whilst wet.
  • When hung to dry, please use a wide bar or several lines.
  • Rinse-off ketchup immediately, as it may stain the rug. Do not rub!

Sizes Available: 

  • 70 cm x 120 cm,
  • 70 cm x 200 cm ,
  • 70 cm x 280 cm,
  • 70 cm  x 360 cm
  • Measurements may vary plus or minus 4% due to the weaving process.

Thickness 10 mm/0.4″

Material :

  • Bio edition material* Bio-attributed PVC made of tall oil, BIOVYN™ by INOVYN.. 92% PVC and 8% polyester warp.

Colours: Available in 4 sizes and 5 colour ways

Prices include Duties and Air-Courier transport from Sweden to Calgary in Canadian Dollars.