German designer Andreas Kowalewski

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Whether you’re a maximalist who enjoys keeping your treasures on display or a minimalist who prefers everything to be tucked away behind closed doors, good storage is fundamental to any well-functioning space. The good news is that there is something for everyone with German designer Andreas Kowalewski’s sim- ply styled Tiggy storage baskets – the perfect fusion of aesthetic qualities and practical considerations.

Designed in a soft felt material, the storage baskets are a visually pleasing addition to almost any room, and with two available si- zes – a large version perfect as a laundry basket and a smaller ver- sion handy for storing magazines or wood for the fireplace – there is one to suit every need. The baskets have practical carrying handles in the simple shape of cut-out circles, which emphasise their clean silhouette, and  they come in two unique colour combinations: a clas- sic beige/soft white and a muted terracotta/sand.


Blomus is synonymous with intelligent, minimalist, and functional design for the contemporary home. Founded in 1961 and rooted in the German tradition of exceptional quality and highly skilled craftsmanship, we have built our success on a firm belief in the honesty of materials, the purity of shape, and the necessity of a passionate approach.

Size :  Large. 42.5 Diameter x 44 cm Height